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5 Digital Marketing Pillars for Any Small Business

We work with a lot of small to mid size businesses who have razor thin margins and budgets. For that reason digital marketing isn’t something they can just throw money at. A marketing spend really has to prove itself out with ROI for before a new business will invest heavily. This just makes sense to anyone who is cautious… but a lot of larger entities have more wiggle room to experiment with things that may not work right away. A small business doesn’t have that luxury, any drain on their budget has to prove its value quickly.

The Foundation of Digital Marketing Strategy

Over the years, we have found that there are certain aspects to any digital marketing campaign that are necessary for success. We call them “pillars” because they are the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. They can also be applied to more than just small business’. If you’re a novelist for example, a lot of these same basic components are necessary for success. If you are a t-shirt vendor, these same pillars are necessary for success in the digital economy. With this in mind we created a list of what we view as the 5 pillars for marketing that works.

The 5 Digital Marketing Pillars for Small Business (or any business)

5. Social Media Accounts & Pages

The single most important thing you can have as a business these days is a social media presence. This is basically the internet equivalent to “top of funnel” in your digital marketing strategy. If it’s being done right, your presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. makes you visible to people browsing hashtags. If you sell auto parts you should have #automotive in your Twitter description so that when people searching for auto parts or advice browse that hashtag they see you. It’s that simple, just having a visible presence on these platforms and posting your products and basic information should be a huge priority for any small business.

4. Social Media Advertising

Sometimes just having a visible presence on social media is not enough. Facebook is one of those cases. Facebook is the largest social media network and arguably also offers the best targeting. Unlike Twitter where people can explore by hashtags and find you organically Facebook is crowded with paying advertisers. So your posts on Facebook are really only going to be visible to people who have liked your page and opted into your feed. Paid advertising on Facebook is the only way to make yourself visible in the newsfeed of followers you don’t already have. The good part is Facebook doesn’t have any minimums and you can spend very little with excellent results. If you are a small local business you aren’t going to need to spend thousands of dollars to target your town of 50,000 people. On the other hand if you’re a national Thai Food chain Facebook gives you the option to target people who are interested in Thai Food in all 50 states.

3. Customer Reviews

This is pretty self explanatory, you need reviews. Yelp was a game changer when they became the first social platform focused mostly on customer reviews. It is now a part of the buying process, people want to see that others have had a positive experience with your business. Customer reviews can be the deciding factor in a lot of cases on whether or not you get a customer. We encourage YOU to encourage YOUR CUSTOMERS to write reviews of your business on any and all social platforms. Yelp, Google and Facebook all give you the ability to allow customers to review you. Facebook even has a 5 star system similar to Yelp. The more positive reviews you have the more business you will win. Count on it.

2. Video Content

To be more accurate – short form video content. As you’ve noticed our trend is social and mobile. Consider that everyone is now scrolling through feeds on their phone. You want to stand out in that feed if you are going to win business. Video content is what will do that. How you create your content really depends on you… maybe it’s something you can do organically on your own. Maybe it’s something you need to hire a team for. Maybe you need an agency… whatever the case do it. If you’re a mechanic and you can film little snippets of yourself fixing and testing cars as they come through… that is huge. People love to see first hand how you operate, it gives them comfort. Couple that video with a link to “Book an Oil Change” targeted to people in the zip codes surrounding your shop and you’ve got a winning digital marketing strategy.

1. A Mobile First Website and Mindset

The numbers are in and it’s not looking good for desktops. That’s not to say desktops are going to become extinct, they’ve just been trumped in overall usage by their smaller more portable cousin – the smart phone (thank you Steve Jobs). Mobile usage officially outpaced desktops back in 2016 (link) and the trajectory isn’t changing. With that in mind your focus should be on mobile first. The mobile version of your site is more important than the desktop version. Most people won’t ever see the desktop version.

So these are the 5 pillars of digital marketing for small business. If you have all of these up and running you are no doubt seeing the results. If you are not, get to work! These are very basic things you can do without an agency, but if you do need the help don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Ecommerce SEO vs Standard SEO

The big question: Is ecommerce SEO any different than plain old SEO? The short answer is no… technically it’s not much different than normal SEO. A lot of the same basic principles and best-practices apply regardless of whether you’re TMZ or Amazon. According to ecommerce giant Shopify’s blog, a few years ago, a study found that only 4.8% of searchers make it to the second page of search results and only 1.1% get to page 3. Think of your own personal search habits and it’s undeniable, ranking on the first page for relevant keywords is incredibly important no matter what your business model is. The same study found that the top result grabs 32.5% of traffic on average. The second result grabs only 17.6%. By result six? You’re looking at less than 5% of traffic on average… in ecommerce more traffic = more sales.

3 Important Factors for Ecommerce SEO

When it comes to ecommerce SEO there are some important factors to consider that other types of sites may not devote as much of their focus to. We broke it down to three main factors that deserve special attention in developing an ecommerce SEO strategy and presence.

  1. Customer Reviews
  2. Mobile Optimization
  3. Long Tail Keywords

Ecommerce SEO Priority #1 – Customer reviews

While customer reviews aren’t something SEOs have direct control over they are important just the same. Customer reviews have a visible impact on search results. Even though the nature of reviews also cannot be controlled, SEO’s can highlight and elevate more positive feedback and gain from it.

3rd party reviews from sites like Yelp and Amazon are an important consideration, and links from these sites will help your organic ranking potential. You can pick a few of your best reviews and link directly back to them from your own site and social media profiles. There are a lot of additional ways a good SEO can use your positive reviews to benefit overall ecommerce SEO.

Social media mentions are another great avenue of SEO value for back links. They can also lead to user-generated content and brand authority, which does impact your search engine performance. Keeping tabs on conversations about your brand and interacting with customers and prospects is an important part of staying relevant, and as a result – ecommerce SEO.

If you are publish high-quality content that other people enjoy and also share — then you are doing it right.


Ecommerce SEO Priority #2 – Mobile Optimization

The data doesn’t lie and as of August 2017 – 57% of traffic on the web comes from smartphones and tablets instead of desktops – I repeat… 57% – that’s more than half in case you are slow with math… which means that a paradigm shift is already happening. Your mobile design is already more important than your desktop – it has the larger audience.

Making strategic decisions about how you approach mobile SEO is unquestionably important. It might be good to look at your analytics and ask yourself what percentage of your traffic is coming from mobile devices vs. desktops.

Are you aware of mobile-first indexing? Mobile-first indexing is exactly what it sounds like. It means that the mobile version of your website is now the starting point for what Google includes in their index, and the baseline for how they determine rankings.

Soon everyone online will be part of the mobile-first index, meaning the mobile version of their site is the one that will be used to determine search results. You heard that right, the desktop version of your site is almost completely irrelevant for search. The strategic implications of this are massive.

Ecommerce SEO Priority #3 – Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are important for any ecommerce SEO strategy and most should include long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords might include specific names of products, SKU’s or actual product ID numbers. Users searching for the product your selling may use the SKU or UPC number to look for a product and if you are optimized to these longtail keywords, you are going to win more of that traffic and more of those sales.

Many SEOs are still under the impression that long-tail keywords are simply longer keyword phrases, or keyword variations listed at the bottom of your keyword tools when you sort through traffic. This is not the case, longtail keywords are very specific keywords whereas some of the more sought after keywords are general or broad. As one example if you are looking for brake pad for your Toyota “Toyota brake pad” is a good general keyword but the actual part number PTR09-34071 would be a more longtail keyword for a Toyota brake pad, you get the idea.

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that typically:

  • Do  not turn up in any keyword tool.
  • Only show up in Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Individually have very small amounts of traffic.
  • Are sometimes not searched more than once.
  • Make up the majority of search traffic on the web.

So a longtail strategy takes a lot more work and knowledge of what you are marketing. There is a lot more work involved for a lot less traffic. However, the quality of the traffic on longtail keywords is usually very good, they typically convert well if you are doing it right. Mostly because these are terms that tend to be closer to the bottom of the funnel.


Overall there is not really a visible difference between ecommerce SEO and standard SEO. There are however area’s of focus such as customer reviews and mobile optimization that are of the utmost importance for ecommerce businesses to consider during the SEO process.

An Ecommerce SEO Case Study

The proof is real, here is a case study for an ecommerce SEO client that we work with.

Small Business SEO Services - Great Brands USA

Ecommerce SEO Services – Great Brands USA

Let’s Talk about Your Business!

If you’re too busy to do this on your own and just need a quality partner to make you visible online fill out this form and we will set up a time to speak about your goals.


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Do Small Business SEO Services Exist?

A great question – do small business SEO services exist? Well technically yes but… if you’re looking for a specific company geared towards small business only you might have the wrong idea.

Here’s why – you want the highest quality work being done at the best price. So the real question isn’t “do small business SEO services exist?” The real question is, can I find good SEO on a small business budget.

Depending on the size of your business it might even be worth learning SEO and doing it on your own! I want to sell you Apex Digital Media’s small business SEO services, don’t get me wrong… but if you’re willing to spend the time to do it yourself having zero knowledge of SEO to begin with you’re going to invest a lot of time. If you are one of those DIY types just click here and get started today.

Who Really Needs Small Business SEO Services?

Plain and simple, any modern business needs good SEO. Figuring out who needs small business SEO services is a different task though. Usually the need for these services depends on the business’ ability to do the work themselves. SEO is not rocket science, however if you want it done well the first time it may be a task worth hiring experts for.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself in order to figure out if you need small business SEO services:

  1. Am I currently visible for the types of search results that will bring me new customers?
  2. Do I have a mobile optimized, modern website?
  3. Do I have accounts on the major social media platforms (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc.)
  4. Do I have internal staff that could perform adequate SEO on my site?
  5. Do I have time to focus on a project of this magnitude?

The biggest question is #5 – You can learn to do SEO but do you have time? Is it worth taking the time to learn and focus for your own business? If so again, hit this link and get to work… if not, read on, we can help.

Small Business SEO Services – Best Practices Checklist

To get the ball rolling for you – here is a list of 10 basic “best practices” we would implement to get a new client on track with great, foundational SEO. These are core things you can do immediately to really help with your organic search rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other search engine you could possibly imagine.

  1. Make sure your site is mobile optimized / responsive:
  2. Your site should be secure (HTTPS):
  3. You should have social profiles set up and linked on your website.
  4. Write a keyword optimized title tag that is 70 characters or less.
  5. Write a keyword optimized meta description that is 160 characters or less (down from 320)
  6.  Redirect or remove any broken pages from the site.
  7. Submit your site maps to Google
  8. Submit your site maps to Bing / Yahoo!
  9. Verify your site with Google
  10. Verify your linked social media pages.

Apex Digital Media – Small Business SEO Services – Case Studies:

Finally, we have a few different case studies we can share. Recent client success stories that illustrate firsthand what a difference high quality, small business SEO services can make.

Small Business SEO Services Case Study

MostFit – Apex Digital Media – Small Business SEO Services Case Study

Small Business SEO Services - EV Safe Charge

Small Business SEO Services – EV Safe Charge

Small Business SEO Services - Great Brands USA

Small Business SEO Services – Great Brands USA

Let’s Talk about Your Business!

If you’re too busy to do this on your own and just need a quality partner to make you visible online fill out this form and we will set up a time to speak about your goals.


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How to Make Search Advertising Work For You

Search advertising is one of the best ways to drive users with real intent to your website. Over the years the online audience and Google have also both grown substantially. This is great news for businesses seeking new customers or anyone seeking to build an audience really. While the tools are there search advertising can also be one of the most costly forms of audience development. The reason is the competition. In any industry you are bidding against competitors for keywords that convert. The better they convert, the higher people are willing to bid which increases competition and raises the price. With that in mind we thought we would share some pointers on how to make search advertising work best for your business or brand.

Keyword Research

Good, thorough keyword research is the first and most important task. Luckily Google AdWords provides you with a keyword tool that you can use to find the keywords that best fit your business model. The entirety of search advertising is based on keywords and bidding for them so the importance of this task cannot be stressed enough. The keywords you choose will also have a huge effect on your search advertising budget. Some brands who have to keep conservative with their spend may focus on a “long tail” strategy. This means bidding for much more specific keywords that are very niche or particular. Usually these long tail keywords will have a cheaper CPC or Cost Per Click. Whatever strategy you go with, keyword selection is going to be the first step in running an effective campaign. So make sure you do your research.

Target to Save Money

Depending on the nature of your business you will want to target your search advertising accordingly. If you are a business that’s local to Dallas, TX for example there’s no need for you to run your ads in Los Angeles. Unless of course you have an online presence and a product you want to sell to people in Los Angeles. You get the idea though, you will waste money by not targeting your ads to the specific locale where they will have the most impact. Google AdWords and other search advertising platforms will typically allow you to target down to a zip code level. Aside from location targeting you can also use “dayparting” which is running your ads at specific times during the day. You can target by different demographics such as gender and household income, etc. etc. In most cases you will be running multiple search advertising campaigns with different products and ads targeted to very specific audiences. So the importance of targeting cannot be overstated.

Create High Quality Search Ads

This seems like a no brainer but high quality ads are also an important factor in any successful search advertising campaign. Your ads should contain your keyword and Google limits what you are able to write as well as the number of characters. This will force you to be creative and really think about the copy in your ads. In addition to this, Google ranks ads based on “quality score. So the better your ads are quality wise the less money you will spend. That’s right – quality score has a direct effect on the price you pay for clicks. So there is a lot of incentive for advertisers to stay within best practices and create the best ad content possible.

Keep Your Account Organized

Due to the nature of AdWords it is a good idea to keep your account organized. Once you begin running your search advertising campaigns you will find that you have several different goals or targets. Since each campaign can only have one set of targets or goals, you will more than likely have several different campaigns running at any given time. Keeping your account organized and clean can help greatly with efficiency of your ad budget as well as ease of use. The good people at WordStream created a fantastic guide for keeping your search advertising account organized, you can find it here.

Never Stop Optimizing

Once your search advertising campaigns are up and running you will want to constantly monitor and optimize them. After a few days you may notice that people in a particular zip code are clicking more and you will want to spend more of your budget in that area. You may find that one ad performs better than another, etc. Looking at the data and making adjustments is probably the most important factor in a successful campaign.

So there you have it – these are some very high level basic tips for a successful search advertising campaign. If you’d prefer to avoid the learning curve and hire professionals to run your ads for you – fill out the form below and let’s talk!

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Enterprise SEO Services

Apex Digital Media is an experienced digital media agency with over 4 years of experience providing enterprise SEO services to companies of varying sizes.

You can view a case study on our longtime client Great Brands USA by clicking the image below.

Small Business SEO Services - Great Brands USA

Enterprise SEO Services case study

What Exactly Are Enterprise SEO Services?

To some the definition of enterprise SEO services may be unclear. If you’re a marketer at a fortune 500 company chances are you’re dealing with a massive marketing strategy that has several different moving parts. What you need most is a strategic partner that does effective enterprise SEO and gets results. You need to be able to easily present those results on a regular basis in a format that makes sense for meetings and in conjunction with other aspects of your marketing strategy.

We don’t have any fancy proprietary software, we don’t charge outrageous rates, we just deliver real results. Our primary goal is to make our clients life easier! This is the inherent value that our enterprise SEO services provide.

The Varying Definitions of Enterprise SEO Services

While enterprise SEO is technically any SEO work that is done on a site with more than 1,000 pages, a quick search in google will reveal that there are several different schools of thought. There are some SEO companies that rely solely on a proprietary software, others have entire offshore teams doing tedious digital labor across thousands of pages and some companies simply do high quality SEO work at a large scale for larger companies or sometimes simply larger websites.

Enterprise SEO Services That Use Proprietary Software

The upside of a service of this nature is that they are typically fast and cheap. The software will likely perform audits that show areas within your site or among Google’s search engine result pages (aka SERP’s) that you can improve.

The downside is that most of the time these companies don’t actually implement the changes for you. You have to look at the data their software compiles and then hire a firm to make adjustments to your website, pay your existing techs, etc.

Enterprise SEO Services That Use Offshore Teams

This used to be a standard among SEO firms but is a bit less popular now days. The reason being is that Google’s algorithms have become more human. When you hire an offshore team for SEO you typically get what you pay for. It’s much cheaper but the work is usually shoddy and written in broken English. In modern SEO you need to speak smoothly in your writing just like a human would. Google can see when you are attempting to game their algorithms and a lot of times offshoring important copy writing tasks can hurt your search rankings more than help them.

Local Enterprise SEO Services That Work at Scale

The third and final school of thought we will cover for enterprise SEO services is local agencies that work at scale. Apex Digital Media would fall into this category. So what does it mean?

We write frequently about the subject of enterprise SEO services as these are something a lot of our clients utilize. For more detailed information read our original Enterprise SEO guide here.

Our team can show you countless examples of the companies for which we’ve gotten stellar results. We have been tried and tested, and we have proven our ability to keep up with the SEO industry and stay on top of changes. You won’t find any SEO expert waiting to be hired by a private company who has a track record like ours. If you want the best enterprise SEO services available, you simply cannot do better.

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Organic SEO – 5 Reasons to Take it Seriously in 2018

Organic SEO is one of the most important tasks any modern business will undertake. Maintaining visibility in organic search for relevant terms, that is the goal. Sure there are other avenues to advertise but search has real intent behind it! If someone types “buy a car” into Google and you sell cars appearing in those results is a no brainer.

Search is also trusted. In fact, in a recent Forrester Research poll, it ranked as 3rd being beat only by email from people you know and consumer product reviews.

Organic SEO is the #3 most trusted way customers can find you

Everyone uses Google but some marketing experts will argue that the value of search is diminishing. As they grow Google offers more and more to their users directly on the results page. Studies show that click rates have decreased over the years, mobile search is on the rise… so is it still really worthwhile to invest in great organic SEO? Here are a few statistics we think prove that it is…

1. In 2017, Google accounted for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic – that’s substantial.

2. More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.

3. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

4. 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles.

5. According to Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, high-quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

So there you have it… don’t neglect one of the most important factors in your marketing arsenal. Invest in organic SEO.

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The Top Digital Media Companies Are Set Up to Never Stop Innovating

Is it true that the top digital media companies are set up to never stop innovating? Harvard Business Review thinks so.

But let’s venture outside the business world for a moment to the realm of esoterics and philosophy. A very wise man known as Bruce Lee, (you may have heard of him) once said:

心無旁騖, 柔若流水, 無形無相
“Don’t think, feel… Be like water, my friend.”

To be successful in the business world the top digital media companies have to be fluid – like water. Constantly able to change and adapt to a marketplace that can switch gears at lightning speeds. It doesn’t show any chance of slowing down either. As technology continues to make huge jumps forward many of the businesses to steeped in old ways loose footing to younger, more nimble competitors.

Here is a list of traits that Harvard Business Review cites as advantages companies who continually evolve will have over competitors.

  • Dramatic reductions in the time it takes to make critical product enhancements
  • The ability to test new ideas quickly and cheaply, run experiments, and back out if there are any problems
  • Large decreases in costs by eliminating the waste of fully developing features that fail in the market
  • Rapid revenue increases from products that are continually on target, with more and better features, or functionality, every day
  • Improvements in quality, reductions in errors, and greater reliability.

These are all traits you can visibly see in today’s top digital media companies – not only here in the US but in the world at large.

Another quality that top digital media companies share is the ability to keep solid ongoing customer relationships. Author Brad Power of HBR puts it like this:

To maintain perpetual customer relationships, they emphasize services over product transactions. Companies that sell physical products such as computers, cars, and refrigerators often lose touch with their customers soon after the purchase — or at least when the warranty period lapses. (“No news from customers is good news,” the thinking can go.) But companies selling online products and services need to regard their customer relationships as continuous ones: “We track how our product is performing for you as long as you own it, and if it’s not performing, it’s our obligation to fix it.”

At the end of the day the argument is that top digital media companies are, like most companies in the digital age, the ones who are constantly evolving and have the ability to pivot quickly. The future of business is online and so the companies able to streamline and be successful in these areas are the ones who will eventually come out on top. As you might guess, Apex Digital Media is one of these companies.

Read the full piece at Harvard Business Review here.

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The 3 Types of Los Angeles Social Media Management Agencies

I have worked in digital marketing in one form or another for over 15 years. So I’ve witnessed the evolution of different technologies first hand and seen “the next big thing” come and go a few times. I have been a participant in the Silicon Beach economy where tech meets entertainment. I’ve also watched, and participated in, the evolution of Los Angeles Social Media Management Agencies.

As this evolution came about I noticed something interesting. Just about every agency calling themselves a “Social Media Agency” falls into a category. That is there are different types of Social Media Agencies. They have different skillsets and different value propositions. None of them are necessarily better than the other, each just specializes in different areas.

3 Main Categories for Los Angeles Social Media Management Agencies

As a service to the public at large we thought it would be worthwhile to break down the 3 different kinds of Los Angeles social media management agencies as we see them. This is a quickly growing field of expertise and could evolve further in 2018 – but this is where we are at today.

1 – The Social Media Influencer Agency

I got my feet wet working at a social media agency in Hollywood called Digital Media Management. They are still around and still doing big things. When I first began working for Luigi back in 2011 there weren’t really any of these types of agencies in existence. He was definitely one of, if not the first in this space. Now you can find them everywhere – The Audience & IZEA are a couple more that come to mind. The premise is simple – if you’re famous or have any degree of fame (actress, sports icon, YouTube star, etc.) you can use this influence to make money. A famous actress has a huge social media following and it can be another stream of income in addition to what she’s making from TV, Movies, voiceovers, etc. That was the premise of the influencer agency initially. Over time as social media has evolved so has the influencer agency model. A celebrity can be their own brand now and command high dollars from product endorsements or simply leveraging their social channels in existing endorsement deals they may have.

los angeles 2017

2 – The Strictly Social Media Agency

As social media evolved into a more relevant part of the marketing landscape we saw the simultaneous rise of the strictly social media agency. Agencies like Stark, HYFN or Social Vantage are almost strictly social media management & advertising agencies. Their core is social media and social media only… they don’t do much else. Due to the changing landscape a lot of these agencies now also offer content & SEO, a lot of them website design services as well.

The saturation of this market proves something – the importance of social media. When social media first became a mainstream item I remember people laughing at the idea of having a “social media manager.” “You mean like someone to do my tweets for me? bah ha ha ha ha” was usually the tone. Those people aren’t laughing anymore if they run a business. In 2017, 2018 and beyond the importance of having a strong social media presence is only growing.

3 – The Full Service Digital & Social Media Agency

Finally in our list of los angeles social media management agencies, we reach the peak. The full service digital & social media agency. Apex Digital Media falls into this category so we obviously think it’s the best and we’re obviously a little bit biased. Allow me to explain the rationale behind this judgement – and then you can decide whether or not our bias is warranted.

In the modern digital economy you have a digital brand that is completely interconnected. From your website & blog to your social media channels, SEO & paid advertising, customer service & community, etc. All aspects of your digital brand should be working in concert. The benefit of a full service agency like us is that we carefully consider your digital marketing strategy with all of these brand assets in mind. The website is the foundation, You have to have great SEO and a mobile optimized website. From there you want that SEO to carry over to your social media channels and landing pages for pay per click. The reason we believe a full service approach is the best is that in our experience it is the most thorough. It positions a brand to develop a higher level strategy and execute more efficiently as everything is working together and rowing in the same direction.

We understand that these categories are pretty general. There are so many agencies in today’s market that of course we may have glossed over some of the more obscure, niche specific agencies but we feel like these 3 categories are an accurate representation of los angeles social media management agencies on the whole. If you have something to add please feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are looking for a top notch agency to manage your marketing and social strategy, look no further. Fill out the form below and start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Content and SEO – The Undeniable Connection

Content and SEO are undeniably intertwined in today’s online ecosystem. To be a good content marketer you need to understand SEO. To be truly great at SEO you need to understand content marketing.

If you doubt the value or effectiveness of content on any level I urge you to read this report by Ascend 2 on “The Most Effective SEO Tactics.” Here you will clearly see how content and SEO work together. For a 57% majority of marketing influencers, on-page content development is effective. This ranks it as the most effective means of SEO.

content and seo are the most effective combination

Organic search is still where the largest amount of traffic is available. Some may argue that the user intent behind search is also the most valuable type of traffic out there. A person who is searching for something is more likely to click through and interact with your brand once they find it. Think about it, if you are optimized for keywords like “buy a car” and you’re an auto dealership – you’re sitting in a great spot. A person searching “buy a car” is more than likely looking to buy a car. This principle gets a bit more dicey once you move to venues like social media or banner advertising. It’s been proven that there isn’t much real intent behind banner clicks. Some studies have even found blank banners actually get more clicks than banners with actual images on them. Go figure.

Content and SEO Should Be Your Bread & Butter

Knowing what you know now, content – search engine optimized content should be your core discipline when it comes to marketing. Content can take on a variety of forms. It can be blog posts, it can be video shorts, it can be long videos, infographics, etc. Google’s algorithms pay close attention to several factors when ranking web pages. One of them is shelf life. If you have a search optimized piece of content that’s shinier and newer than someone else’s the chances are good you will get some quick visibility from that initial publishing. On the other hand, sites that have been up longer tend to have a larger amount of backlinks as a result. So content is both your long and short game – new content gets you visible quickly, and the proliferation of content day after day spreads your brands tentacles out into the web… making you visible in corners of the web you never even dreamed existed.

Content and SEO – Images & Video

While keyword optimized articles like this one are a great way to get your foot in the door don’t forget the future is video. YouTube is also the world’s 2nd largest search engine. So think about this – if you have a keyword optimized article, with a keyword optimized video embedded in it – you’re now double visible in both Google search and YouTube video search.

Images are another area that is heavily overlooked by marketers. Google Image Search gets a huge volume of searches. If you are not optimizing your images with alt tags and making sure they are visible in search you are missing out on another big stream of potential traffic.

Declining Click Through Rates in Search

A recent comment from Rand Fishkin:

34% of searches get no clicks at all. If we look at all search queries (not just distinct ones), those numbers shift to a straight 60%/40% split. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that over time, we get closer and closer to Google solving half of search queries without a click.”

Due to mobile use and several other factors click through rates are declining in search. So while SEO can help you be visible how do you get the user to the page? The smart money is on Google Rich Answers – which will allow you to pipe elements of your content directly into the SERP via SEO tactics. Area’s like this are why just knowing how to create content isn’t enough in today’s world. You have to have a little bit of science behind you as well.

So as you can see, content and SEO are very closely linked. Any wise marketer knows how to combine these two disciplines for maximum effectiveness.

If you need help with your digital marketing don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Rise of the Social Media Agency

Social Media didn’t really become mainstream until the advent of MySpace. Before that there were obscure social networks like “Friendster” and Facebook existed but was only available to college students. Once Facebook opened it’s doors to the public around 2007, you began to see the real power of social media. With the rise of social platforms – came the rise of the social media agency.

Around 2011 I helped to build “The Women’s Influencer Network” while at Digital Media Management. At that time a social media agency was almost a laughable prospect. Instagram was barely a year old and social media in general belonged to the youth. YouTube influencers were beginning to become a thing but overall Google search had an almost unmistakable monopoly on real web traffic.

With the advent of the smartphone and the gradual shift of the public to mobile devices social networks have increasingly become a destination. Platforms have evolved accordingly, Facebook had zero advertising when it originally launched but is now arguably one of the most effective digital advertising channels available to marketers. Over time they organically introduced ads that while visible are not incredibly obtrusive to users. It’s easy to scroll past or skip most of the ads. The ads keep the platform free to users and give advertisers worlds of data they never dreamed they’d have access to.

Social Media Agency

To see real success on Facebook, though, requires advertising experiments and a working knowledge of the digital landscape. This is where the social media agency becomes a real value to a business.

You may not be ready to wear a lab coat, but you can hire a team of certified scientists to help give you an edge. Facebook targeted ads are more in line with “interrupt advertising” as opposed to search, which is intent-driven based on the keywords that are entered by the user. A strategic campaign integrates all elements of a company’s digital brand. Social channels are now one of the most important.

But all audiences are different, they respond differently to different things. This is another place that a professional social media agency can provide real value. As a business you don’t have time to experiment with social campaigns and data. Hiring out to a professional agency not only takes this task off your plate – a real agency has multiple clients that they can compare your data against. A lot of times this can make a social media agency even more effective than an in house team.

No two audiences are the same. At the end of the day effective social management is about drawing in the people that care most about your brand and doing the things that work best with your audience. Any great social media agency will sit down with you and ask questions that can be answered with data. Once those questions have been answered they will be able to execute in the most effective way possible.