Instagram Marketing

Instagram is probably one of the most important social media platforms since Facebook. The hype around it is warranted and here’s why: It gives brands a huge platform to tell visual stories.

The way that instagram’s hashtag system works, as a discovery engine is a fantastic way to get your ideas in front of an interested audience. If you’re an artist, post images of your art – #art. People who are browsing that hashtag will find your art and if it’s good you’ve got a new fan.

Instagram’s focus on visual sharing offers a unique platform to showcase your culture and people in addition to your products and services. The mobile nature of the app lends itself to quickly capturing moments, giving followers a chance to interact with your brand in a way that can feel more casual and instantaneous than on other networks. Depending on your industry, brand and key performance indicators, your Instagram strategy might target several of the following objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Demonstrate company culture.
  • Showcase your team and recruit new talent.
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Showcase products and services.
  • Enhance and complement event experiences.
  • Incentivize consumer engagement with your brand.
  • Share company news.
  • Grow your community.
  • Connect with influencers.
  • Drive sales through a third-party app.

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