Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a Big Part of Modern SEO

The buzz in the digital advertising world for the past few years has been about “content marketing.”

What these advertisers are buzzing about is actually the age old method of brand story telling that every major brand uses. From Coca-Cola and Nike to Mercedes & Apple, It’s this type of content marketing that has propelled most major brands to the level of cultural status they share today. People love a story and a brand that provides them with a good one is much more likely to be remembered.

Apple is a great example – Apple is widely thought of as a revolutionary brand. “Think Different” was their mantra and look at the empire that mantra has spawned. Apple told their own story as a revolutionary brand in a space dominated by tired and boring corporate sell outs like IBM and Microsoft. Is that actually the truth? Not necessarily but it’s part of the narrative that Apple and their advertising agency TBWA Chiat Day wove into the history of their brand. The iPod commercials with Bono and other pop icons later solidified this “edgy” image as Apple eventually rose to be the most profitable company in the world… maybe even in the history of mankind?

Whether you’re Apple or a small mom & pop diner, telling your story to your existing and future customers is an important part of a long term business strategy. In today’s digital ecosystem there’s a lot that you can do to position yourself as a thought leader and influencer in your field. This position can be extremely useful as you grow your business.

Content is Still King…

Content marketing is something of a centerpiece that all of your other efforts can be centered around. At the core of any great marketing strategy – is a great story. You tell your story through your content. As a result content helps you with things like:

  • Social Media Marketing: You will use your social channels to distribute your content.
  • SEO: Google likes fresh information and value for users. As you share your expertise it will also help you to rank better in organic search.
  • PPC: When running paid ads it’s good to have content to aid the process. A typical user is going to do some research and if they see you contributing something positive to the conversation it helps.
  • Inbound marketing: Think of the content you create as sort of a bread crumb trail that leads a user to you. The more of these crumbs you leave lying out in the woods, the more likely it is a user will find this path back to your brand.

As with most of these types of initiatives a long term and strategic approach works best. Most businesses don’t have time to focus their energy on these types of initiatives… Those types of businesses hire an agency like Apex Digital Media to help maintain this important aspect of their brand.

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