Pay Per Click – AdWords Management

If you’re a business selling something online you should be running campaigns in Google AdWords, period. If you don’t have time to do it yourself you should consider hiring experts for AdWords management.

Why? Because everyone is online and Google search has real intent. A user searching here is looking for something. The best thing possible for your business is to appear in relevant search results. If you are not appearing organically AdWords allows you to essentially “buy views” in front of the best possible users – people searching for what you do.

How Apex Does AdWords Management

Every business has different needs. Our PPC & AdWords management services are designed to drive the most targeted users possible to your website or landing page. We work with a wide range of businesses large and small and offer several different packages to suit a variety of needs. Offerings include:

  • Monthly PPC Management
  • Google Merchant Setup
  • Google Product Listing Ads
  • Bing & Yahoo PPC Management
  • Facebook PPC Management

The Importance of Landing Pages

A big part of your quality score in AdWords involves the page you’re running traffic to. We are extremely familiar with this as website design is a byproduct of our advertising business. We have found that 90% of the unsuccessful PPC campaigns we’ve worked with were due to landing page issues. So a big part of how we operate is to ensure that your landing page is best suited for the type of offering you have.

Part of our process involves a landing page review and a set of recommendations. You can choose to hire us to execute the recommendations or have them done by your own team. We will not allow you to launch a campaign until these recommendations have been implemented though as we feel they are critical to the success of your campaign.


A big part of a successful PPC Campaign is retargeting users who don’t convert initially. To do this you need to have a pool of unconverted users to retarget so it’s usually more of a phase 2 item unless you have already have a long standing campaign and are just looking for a better management company to take the reigns.

Effective AdWords Management Processes

Since AdWords is constantly evolving you need to stay on top of these changes so that you can take advantage of them. In PPC, you are constantly bidding against your competition so any little edge you can get over them can be a huge help. Here are a few expert tips we can pass along:

Use Mobile Bid Modifiers

Everyone is now browsing the web on mobile devices. Using mobile bid modifiers you can check performance of your campaigns across several devices and lower the bids on devices that don’t perform as well for you.

Effectively Track Conversions

Make sure that your ability to track conversions has been properly implemented. AdWords now tracks calls for you via call extensions.

Use Ad Extensions

Not only do Ad Extensions shorten the conversion path for you they also help increase your quality score. There is also data showing that extensions increase CTR by up to 30%.

Queries Over Keywords

Sure keywords are what you’re bidding on but unless you’re only running exact match there are a variety of different queries using the same keywords. Successful AdWords management involves zeroing in on highly converting queries and amplifying them through increased bids and more targeted keyword selection.

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