SEO Best Practices for 2022

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What do SEO best practices look like in 2022? If you are reading this chances are you already know what SEO is. For the layman, it is Search Engine Optimization – or the process of getting your website found in Google organic search. Organic search is a much more valuable source of traffic for a […]

Audience Development

Ecommerce SEO vs Standard SEO

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The big question: Is ecommerce SEO any different than plain old SEO? The short answer is no… technically it’s not much different than normal SEO. A lot of the same basic principles and best-practices apply regardless of whether you’re TMZ or Amazon.¬†According to ecommerce giant Shopify’s blog, a few years ago, a study found that […]


How to Make Search Advertising Work For You

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Search advertising is one of the best ways to drive users with real intent to your website. Over the years the online audience and Google have also both grown substantially. This is great news for businesses seeking new customers or anyone seeking to build an audience really. While the tools are there search advertising can […]