Snapchat Dominates SXSW Without a Presence and 6 Other Marketing Stats

ByDustin Peterson

Snapchat Dominates SXSW Without a Presence and 6 Other Marketing Stats

According to AdWeek: 
The ephemeral app didn’t throw a South by Southwest Interactive party, hire a popular band or even give away cool gadgets—it didn’t have a branded presence at the Austin, Texas, festival. Instead, it was a topic of conversation on nearly every marketing panel and was constantly used by attendees to document their SXSW experiences. In fact, it garnered more impressions on Twitter than any other brand, coming in with 192 million from March 6 through March 16, per Sysomos. Indeed, all Snapchat had to do to win SXSW 2016 was just be Snapchat.

AdWeek went on to cite Snapchat as the most talked about brand at the whole conference and was actually used by a lot of attendees to document their experience.

AdWeek has this and 6 other interesting marketing stats from the past week here.


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