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If you do any kind of social media marketing at all you probably noticed that Facebook recently upgraded it’s video analytics. If you haven’t noticed yet you should check it out – there is now a “videos” tab in the Page Insights section, which allows publishers to better track the performance of videos on the platform, in a more accessible fashion. This is likely because Facebook is quickly becoming a destination for video. According to a recent article from TechCrunch, more and more people and brands are beginning to upload video directly to Facebook than ever before.

Why You Should Consider Digital Video Marketing on Facebook

The updgrade is probably due to Facebook’s core functionality – content sharing & discovery. Facebook users are much easier to target with relevant content due to their “likes.” this gives the platform an edge as far as engagement is concerned because they are able to serve their users video that aligns with their known interests. While YouTube also has this feature it only becomes available to them over time, after a user has been actively viewing content on their platform. Facebook on the other hand has people volunteering this information directly to them. It was no surprise that shortly after they announced the updates to their video analytics dashboard they also announced updates to their video algorithm designed to serve users more relevant content based on their interests and what is currently trending.

Heavy competition for video audiences will force both YouTube and Facebook to bring their A game

Both Facebook & YouTube have a similar sized audience and neither should be ignored when preparing a video distribution plan that requires massive reach. Things are different when you’re a smaller business on a tighter budget though. This is where the granularity of targeting that Facebook offers can be a great asset. Additionally, if you’re a small business with a captive audience on your Facebook page there’s a very good chance that engaging your users with video can help to drive more business or at the very least provide you with some visible insights on how your audience interacts with the video content that you are posting.

digital video marketing on facebook offers deep targeting capabilities

A lot of experts in the digital marketing world are looking at Facebook and YouTube as “going toe to toe” and competing for the largest video audience over the coming years. This kind of competition is never a bad thing though. On the contrary it usually ends up being great for marketers and people in general because it forces both companies to bring their A game. Each will have to do the best job possible keeping up with trends and optimizing the platform to user needs in order to remain competitive. Aside from the healthy competition marketers are constantly looking for new venues to reach people and now Facebook offers that.

If you’re a small business or a marketer who isn’t currently utilizing the power of digital video on Facebook now is a good time to start.

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