Facebook Adds Ecommerce Functionality

To anyone who works regularly with Facebook, this is probably not news. To everyone else, it is.

Social-Commerce-Shopping-Facebook-Shopping-Cart-ShopTabFacebook is making a move into e-commerce as the industry continues to see enormous growth. Back in June they started testing “canvas,” their new full screen mobile ad format, with big brand names like Michael Kors. In addition to this they also added faster landing pages and a new section called “Shop”

Many in the industry believe that this new refined focus is part of Facebook’s plan to become more of a media hub for big brands.

In addition to landing page updates and mobile formats Facebook’s “carousel” ad format that brings photos and videos togeter has seen great results from quite a few retailers. Brands like Neiman Marcus who have used the carousel format claim to have seen a drastic increase in conversion and an 85% better click through rate.

Facebook has tested e-commerce driven features like it’s doomed “Gifts” option in the past but this more subtle play into e-commerce looks like it has much better potential to be effective. Whatever the case, as other social networks like Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube step up e-commerce efforts, Facebook is going to have to continue to find new ways to use it’s platform to draw brand dollars.

(article sourced from AdWeek)

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