Why Social Media Mgmt is Important For Modern Business

The internet – love it or hate it it’s become part of our daily lives. That’s why when businesses or brands tell us they don’t have a social media presence at all we scratch our heads and vacantly stare into space in disbelief.. (not really). In reality, we explain to them why social media mgmt is important in today’s market.

What we really do is explain to them that social media is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to do a better job serving your customers, it’s an opportunity to connect with new customers, to shape conversations about your business with existing customers and further define your brand. Social media management is an important process for any modern business to implement and refine… here’s why.

Rising Mobile Adoption Rates = Increased Social Media Use

With everyone now moving to mobile devices en masse, social is an even bigger means of communication. It’s a safe bet that customers who might buy your product or use your service are using social media platforms. If you’re not actively engaging these users someone else will. Any salesman will tell you “it’s a numbers game” and as a business you want to make sure your brand is exposed to as many people as possible. The more people you’re exposed to the higher the ratio of new customers you will inevitably have. If you are a small localized business social can also be your chance to speak to a national or international market. The internet enables global commerce… an effective social media management strategy can help you take advanatage of this.

In addition to “new customers” social media is also a breeding ground for relationships. You can respond instantly to customer questions or requests via Twitter & Facebook. Even if you can’t meet a customer’s needs on the spot sometimes just having that level of responsiveness can be all people need to stay loyal to a brand they love. So not only is social media great for gaining new business, it’s also great for managing and enhancing relationships with business you already have.

That said, there are also best practices or ways to think about this aspect of your business that will get you the most value for your time.


Imagine a television station that only had 1 episode of the same show that ran on a loop all week. In the same way, a Twitter or Facebook account that only has 1 post a week is going to be about as exciting as that TV station. Regardless of the channels you engage with customers in (channels meaning platforms ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) you need to consistently put out content. It could be just sharing industry trends or a funny meme, it could be that you actively write your own blogs and post links to them from social. It could even be that you just post daily deals and sales – whatever the case you need to be consistently feeding content into those channels or they are not going to produce the results you need them to.

Social Media Mgmt is Important

Focus – Data & Analytics

While you need to have a presence anywhere you can – you also need to focus on the channels that get the best response or drive the most results. You can use url trackers such as http://goo.gl in your social posts to see exactly where you’re getting the most and best engagement and concentrate your efforts in those places.

The web is large and chances are if you’re a business you aren’t a jack of all trades. You want to focus on your core expertise and on the channels that produce the results you desire. You’re going to have to experiment initially to find your sweet spot if you haven’t already, but when you find it – you will know it. Once you identify these opportunities you can focus more of your time on building relationships and status in these channels.


Be who you are in the real world… it’s that simple. From a business perspective this is easier to understand than from a personal perspective. As a person you might be trying to highlight only your best attributes to get a date but business is different. As a business you want to represent yourself as accurately as possible. Showcase with transparency the services or products you provide, who you are and what you stand for. Being authentic and owning up to errors or customer complaints on social media is a great way to quickly diffuse them and turn an irate person back into a lifelong brand advocate for your business.

The featured image attached to this post of a “Social Media Professional Halloween Costume” was included because a couple years ago a lot of business owners rightfully thought:

“social media expert? Someone who posts on Twitter & Facebook? what kind of expertise does that take?”

Times have changed. Social media is a far more prevalent and important than it was even 3 to 5 years ago. It’s no longer just Facebook and Twitter – platforms like Vine, Instagram, Pinterest and several others are growing massive audiences that can be harnessed by anyone. Due to mobile adoption rates social media is rapidly becoming a very important part of the digital economy and one that any business would be foolish to neglect.

Apex Digital Media offers social media mgmt services because we know that a lot of times businesses simply don’t have the time in their busy schedules to address this important aspect of digital marketing. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help click here.

We hope that this article was useful and that businesses of all stripes can use the advice to help in developing effective social media management strategies.

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